Oh The Places We Will Go


The train is a never-ending cycle of amusement and confusion. I didn’t get a picture of the guy who was screaming at everyone on the train because he asked for money and they told him no. He was furious, and it is the first time that one of the rants alarmed me. We often see homeless people on the train screaming or causing a scene, it just happens, but this guy was mad at society in general, and I wasn’t upset at all when he stormed past me and got off the train right before the doors closed.


I sa20160314_161029w Leonardo da Vinci today. He walked through downtown slowly with clothes sent to him from The Vatican, and he was very very nice. He went to Subway and talked to the people. I guess even da Vinci needs a $5 footlong sometimes.



found Donal Trump’s long lost brother. Apparently this facial expression runs in the family.


I was horrified by the woman who set across from me and coughed on the wall the whole train ride.

There was a guy who had stuffed all of his earthly belongings into an imac box, I am not sure why or even how, but he was going through some things on the train. He had a DART regional pass on the TRE, the conductor was less than thrilled with him.


Sorry I have been quiet the last few days. I have had a migraine for 10 days…it seems to be getting a little better. 20160309_155104

In other news, The Tiger is back and doing will,  I haven’t seen my favorite stalker lately… and the construction worker is now a regular on our train in the mornings. He spoke for the first time today. I am getting use to him.

Word has spread around the train that I write a train blog… lol


About Andi

This chapter in my life is called, "Managing Millennials". People always say that I have a way with words, and that I am great at managing Millennials. The secret truth to my success? I worked at a public high school. I was an educator that specialized in behavior and building relationships. So what happens when the sweet little kids that inspired me to sponsor clubs, put in extra hours and spend my own money all enter the workforce???? They drive you crazy! I can help! I understand why these participation trophy earning young adults are driving you crazy in the work place. I understand that the fact that we are inheriting a technology talented pool of workers that sit at their desk with ear buds in their ears and celebrate medicocricy in the name if effort. I understand that you are not used to emojis and GIFs in business communication, and that you don't want to stand around on a break discussing memes, vines, YouTube epic fail videos and what you binge watched on Netflix. I once told my students that they would learn to follow my rules because I refused to be miserable for the next 1488 hours of my life. Ninety percent of the time... They did. Now, I tell my millennials that same thing, "Welcome to the workforce. There are policies and procedures in place that will help us get along for the next 2080 hours of our lives." Welcome to my blog, "Let The Managers Say Amen."

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