When the train doesn’t come


My train leaves at 5:35 every morning. Except this morning. Apparently  there was some sort of freight train broke down on the tracks this morning. And apparently the best solution  was to bus20160223_060129 all of us to the station two stops away. And I am pretty sure it not just because  I am a math major that I know that if it takes 4 two story train cars to fit all of the passengers from two stops into…then 1 city bus is actually  not the equivalent.  It is packed in here. there are people standing and siting in every inch of this stupid bus. Nobody was happy, everybody was cold and confused. I was feeling claustrophobic and anxious. All in all, I survived, albeit an hour late for work, but I survived.

This afternoon was cold and rainy. In my preparedness, I packed an umbrella in my infamous rolly bag. Although, it was rather rainy and the wind was bad enough that I am pretty sure I saw Mary Poppins flying by en route to her new family, and my umbrella popped inside. I ended up using it as a shield to keep my skirt from flying up as I ran downtown. It kind of worked. My hair was wet, my glasses were fogged, but my dignity was in tact.

My favorite stalker sat by me on the train this afternoon. We had a very open conversation about things. The woman across from us pretended not to listen, but she is a crappy actress so it didn’t work well. I have a standing appointment with my stalker tomorrow, and as he reads this tonight, he will smile and laugh and admit that he is in fact a stalker, and he will in fact see me tomorrow at the same time for yet another intriguing conversation about life and the mysteries of crazy people.

He did, by the way, make my night when he told crappy actress chick, “we love you, but we’re moving seats now.”




About Andi

This chapter in my life is called, "Managing Millennials". People always say that I have a way with words, and that I am great at managing Millennials. The secret truth to my success? I worked at a public high school. I was an educator that specialized in behavior and building relationships. So what happens when the sweet little kids that inspired me to sponsor clubs, put in extra hours and spend my own money all enter the workforce???? They drive you crazy! I can help! I understand why these participation trophy earning young adults are driving you crazy in the work place. I understand that the fact that we are inheriting a technology talented pool of workers that sit at their desk with ear buds in their ears and celebrate medicocricy in the name if effort. I understand that you are not used to emojis and GIFs in business communication, and that you don't want to stand around on a break discussing memes, vines, YouTube epic fail videos and what you binge watched on Netflix. I once told my students that they would learn to follow my rules because I refused to be miserable for the next 1488 hours of my life. Ninety percent of the time... They did. Now, I tell my millennials that same thing, "Welcome to the workforce. There are policies and procedures in place that will help us get along for the next 2080 hours of our lives." Welcome to my blog, "Let The Managers Say Amen."

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