Misguided Vet


The truth is, like all of you out there, I am a criminal. I cross the street even when the orange hand CLEARLY states that I should wait for the cars that aren’t coming and miss my train to prevent me from being hit by cars that are not there. I travel 64 miles per hour even when the sign says 60 mph plain and clear. I break laws, I do, I know I do… but I like rules, they make me happy. They keep me safe and secure, and let me know that there is order to the world around me. So when this scene unfolded, I had particularly passionate feelings about it.

“I need to see tickets and passes please! Tickets and passes,” the conductor comes through to check our passes. She has a job to do, and I happily show my pass upon request. She does remind me of the Grim Reaper version of  the “peanuts! get your hot peanuts!” guy at the baseball game.

To my dismay, the jerk next to me on the train doesn’t have a train ticket. He won’t take his ear buds out, and as she kindly explains to him that it takes a train ticket to ride the train (this new policy has been around since the 1800′s if you were wondering). He begins to yell at the train attendant . (Side bar- how are you going to do something wrong and then yell at someone else because you were wrong????????????) She politely but firmly says he will have to get off at the next stop. His response, “I am a veteran show me some kind of respect.”
As we wait for the police officer to arrive and take over the scene, The Un-Vet continues cursing at the lady in front of several children, a girl begins to cry. He looks at me and in some type of sorcery-induced decision making scheme, he decides that I am the one to plead his case to. We clearly haven’t met.
I said, “SIR, You have my appreciation for your service, but you have failed to uphold the honor associated with the title you claim. . Veterans are heroes and to be honored and respected for their service to our nation, but you are not living with honor or integrity. You didn’t learn to lie and cheat in the service. You did not learn to disrespect women in the service.. Please don’t use that title any more. You have forgotten what it means.
He asked the attendant if he could just sit back down and an older gentlemen in a veterans hat who was sitting across the isle slide over next to me instead and said, not here you can’t.


About Andi

This chapter in my life is called, "Managing Millennials". People always say that I have a way with words, and that I am great at managing Millennials. The secret truth to my success? I worked at a public high school. I was an educator that specialized in behavior and building relationships. So what happens when the sweet little kids that inspired me to sponsor clubs, put in extra hours and spend my own money all enter the workforce???? They drive you crazy! I can help! I understand why these participation trophy earning young adults are driving you crazy in the work place. I understand that the fact that we are inheriting a technology talented pool of workers that sit at their desk with ear buds in their ears and celebrate medicocricy in the name if effort. I understand that you are not used to emojis and GIFs in business communication, and that you don't want to stand around on a break discussing memes, vines, YouTube epic fail videos and what you binge watched on Netflix. I once told my students that they would learn to follow my rules because I refused to be miserable for the next 1488 hours of my life. Ninety percent of the time... They did. Now, I tell my millennials that same thing, "Welcome to the workforce. There are policies and procedures in place that will help us get along for the next 2080 hours of our lives." Welcome to my blog, "Let The Managers Say Amen."

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